Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Tour de France TRAIN WRECK: A fan with a fan-sign crashes the entire event,...

The Tour de France descended into chaos Saturday after a careless fan caused a massive crash at the event when their sign hit one of the riders.

Fred Flintstone fought the law — and won! The Flintstone House in Hillsborough,...

In a yabba dabba dispute that pitted property rights against government rules that played out in international media, retired publishing mogul Florence Fang defended her colorful, bulbous-shaped house and its elaborate homage to “The Flintstones” family, featuring Stone Age sculptures inspired by the 1960s cartoon, along with aliens and other oddities.

Gorillas At Disney World Go Viral Over Extremely Relatable Reaction To Seeing A Snake...

A video taken at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida’s Animal Kingdom park showing gorillas freaking out, as we would be if we found a snake in our home, has gone viral.

Beatles alum Ringo Starr drops trademark lawsuit over Ring O sex toys

Sir Ringo Starr has dropped his legal case against the makers of a sex toy called a Ring O.

“I want my life back”: Britney Spears tells Judge in courtroom BOMBSHELL

In a 23-minute speech, the singer said she desperately wants to end her conservatorship, calling it an abusive system in which she was drugged and forced to work against her will.

Random Post

Suspect in Oregon triple killing turns himself in

Oen Nicholson turned himself into Wisconsin officials, ending an intense search. Police are working to determine a motive. One of the victim's was the suspect's father.

Prices at Trump’s NYC buildings have plunged in the latest sign that his name...

According to a new analysis, Donald Trump's properties in New York have lost about half their value since he was elected president, as fewer groups are willing to risk being associated with his toxic personality.

Mom, 35, is beaten to death with a rock by the father of her...

A Massachusetts man has been charged with fatally beating the mother of his young son, bashing her in the head with a rock during a stroll on a Maine beach, court records show.

Venus flytraps produce magnetic fields when they eat

These carnivorous plants generate tiny magnetic signals when they clamp down on insects.

A transgender Islamic school in Pakistan breaks barriers

The madrasa is an important milestone for the LGBTQ community in the overwhelmingly fundamental Muslim country, where transgender people face ostracism, even though there is no official restriction on them attending religious schools or praying at mosques.

Teen says she’s going to sue her ‘predominantly white’ Long Island school district for...

The family of a teenager on Long Island says they're suing her school for $2 million after administrators wouldn't publish her poem about George Floyd's death in the school magazine, saying it was 'not appropriate' and possibly 'dangerous.'

Chris Rock Tells the Heartbreaking Story of the Last Time He Saw Chris Farley

“I leave, I see him out the window, and I was like, ‘That’s probably the last time I’m going to see him.’ I knew.”

More than 40 attorneys general urge Facebook to stop plans for an Instagram for...

Forty-four attorneys general are urging Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg to abandon plans to build a new version of photo-sharing network Instagram for young children, arguing the new app could harm kids’ mental health and compromise their privacy.

Anonymous customer leaves generous $16,000 tip at New Hampshire restaurant

A very generous customer left a tip of $16,000 after ordering $37.93 worth of food and drinks at a New Hampshire restaurant.

Deputies pulled over drunk driver 30 minutes before 115 mph crash that killed a...

Police have admitted they pulled over a speeding driver 30 minutes before he allegedly caused a seven-car pile-up that killed a mom and her three young children in Texas.

Portland pays $2.1 million in police shooting of Black teen

Portland, Oregon, will pay more than $2 million to settle a wrongful death lawsuit arising from the police killing of a Black teenager in 2017

Fire breaks out in Texas hotel as sprinkler system fails due to frozen pipes...

A massive blaze erupted in a hotel in Killeen after the building's sprinkler systems failed to work due to frozen pipes.

Dumped in a Parking Lot, Ethan the Emaciated Dog Is Now Gaining Weight and...

The dog, now named Ethan, was found by someone dropping off a donation at the Kentucky Humane Society.

Bulgarian Fraudsters Use Fake Stallone Passport As Ad

Just how did they think they'd get away with having Sly as a promo piece for a fake passport?

Mice biting hospital patients, ravaging farms as plague escalates across NSW

Health expert is "surprised" more people haven't contracted a rare rodent-borne infectious disease. Farmers across New South Wales are calling for a new method to control the plague. They fear mice will destroy the winter crops and stored hay