A cat that was allegedly stolen by an Uber Eats driver has been found and was reunited with its family on Thursday morning.

FOX 11’s Gigi Graciette was there for the emotional reunion between Hog and her owner, Patrick Lewis.

“I’m speechless. I thought a few days ago… ‘this isn’t going to happen, we’re never going to see her again,'” Lewis told Graciette.

The beloved cat was stolen from the front yard of a home in Studio City last Tuesday, and the culprit was a food delivery driver caught on camera taking the cat.

Cat allegedly stolen by Uber Eats driver located, reunited with its owner

The cat, named Hog, is 18 years old and has lived with the same family since she was just a kitten.

After the story initially aired on FOX 11, the Uber Eats driver got in touch with the family and told them she thought the cat was a stray and that she gave her to a family at an animal shelter.

The female Uber Eats driver was reportedly delivering food to another home on Laurelwood Dr. when she took the cat who was sitting on the sidewalk.

The family said they were heartbroken when the cat was taken. 

The family even filed a police report.

By FOX 11 Digital Team



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