PUNKY Brewster star Soleil Moon Frye revealed her “first consensual sexual experience” was with Charlie Sheen when she was just 18. 

By Nicole Chenoweth

The actress also opened up about being sexually assaulted at 17 by a man she did not name – but said she felt “shame and pain” in the following years. 

In a lengthy interview with the Los Angeles Times, the former child actor talked about her life growing up in the spotlight. 

As the topic of intimacy came up, Soleil, 44, said her “first consensual sexual experience was with Charlie Sheen.”

Revealing intimate details of her life in her new documentary Kid 90, she unearthed a journal entry about having sex with the Two and a Half Men star in which she wrote, ‘He was my first, who would have known? It’s been the most strange and incredible day ever. I don’t truly know how to explain my feelings, he’s somebody I’ve had a crush on for years. He’s someone who intrigues me and excites me.’ 

At the time, she said she had just turned 18 while the Two And A Half Men star was 29. 

Despite the age gap, the Saved By The Bell alum described Charlie, 55, as “so kind and loving,” while adding the two have maintained a friendship in the years since. 

In one diary entry, written when the entertainer was 17, she said that a man “forcibly thrust himself” inside of her when she was still a virgin. 

“He asked if I’d say that he had raped me, but I wouldn’t. I was also to blame for my forwardness,” she wrote. 

Now married with four kids, the youngest being four and the eldest being 15, she has said that re-living aspects of her past for the tell-all documentary has given way to conversations surrounding consent in her home.   

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