by Katherine Hamilton

Authorities arrested a woman at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens after she was found with more than $94,000 worth of cocaine in her possession.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers had inspected passengers arriving from a flight from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on April 9, authorities said. 

Customs agents say a woman arriving from the Dominican Republic had stuffed pellets of cocaine inside her bra.

Among the passengers was Yerlina Hernandez DeNova. During her examination, officers discovered three pellets containing a white powder within DeNova’s purse, officials said.

She was subsequently escorted to a private search room where officers conducted a physical search, CBP officials said.

During the search, officers found pellets containing a white powder in her bra, and DeNova admitted to officers to inserting several pellets into her body.

“At this time Ms. DeNova admitted to CBP officers that she had also inserted pellets vaginally and anally. CBP officers tested a sample of the pellets and those pellets tested positive for cocaine,” officials said.

In total, 100 pellets of white powder, weighing about three pounds, and valued at more than $94,000 were discovered and seized, authorities said.

DeNova faces charges of importing a controlled substance into the United States and federal narcotics smuggling charges, officials said.




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