Burger King has been slammed for an inappropriate International Women’s Day tweet, which riffed off the misogynist retort ‘Women belong in the kitchen’.

The company says the social media post was supposed to promote its scholarship for female chefs, but it has been widely panned.(AP: Gene J Puskar, File)

Burger King UK attempted to celebrate International Women’s Day in perhaps the worst way possible by tweeting “women belong in the kitchen.” Not a good look, chaps. The burger brand made a right mess of a misguided joke about inclusion and sexism.

After decades, maybe even centuries, of women’s rights activists fighting to get women out of the kitchen and for society to allow us to lead full, active lives, telling women that they belong in the kitchen is a bad look, even if it’s “well-intentioned” or a joke.

Here it was technically an attempt at a joke, offered as part of a larger thread. Burger King seems to have been trying to highlight the fact that women make up an embarrassingly small percentage of actual chefs and their attempts to change that, but they said it in the worst way possible.

Even though BK is getting charbroiled over this tweet, they’re not apologizing. They’re even defending themselves, including in a response to the KFC Gaming twitter. (And yes, I know, you may be asking “the KFC what now” and … you can start here to begin to understand.)

Burger King declined to do an interview, but in a written statement, the fast food chain said it was “committed to helping women break through a male-dominated culinary culture in the world’s fine dining restaurants.”

The Burger King statement said the program, HER (Helping Equalize Restaurants) Scholarship, has awarded more than $3 million in scholarships in North America.

The company also appears to have taken out a full page advertisement in the New York Times with the same statement.

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