It is said that some people show their “true colors” in the face of adversity, and some have truly shown both beauty and ugliness in the face of the current pandemic this planet is experiencing.

One of the harder hit areas in the industry are restaurants – both independent and franchise chains – are ordered to “temporarily” shutter their doors either because of government edicts to shelter in place or through actual lockdown orders.

We talk about two of them in this story:

The owner of Tanks Bar and Grill in Dayton, OH has been accused of her ugly behaviour when she fired all of her staff during this pandemic – and her employees are allegedly unable to collect unemployment due to how she fired them.

According to their Facebook page, Tanks Bar & Grill located in Dayton, OH have terminated their employees due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is believed that most – if not all – of her ex-employees are allegedly unable to get unemployment benefits due to how the owner terminated them as ,permanent terminations and not “temporary” due to the current COVID19 pandemic the United States is currently experiencing.

,In a statement the owner released on Facebook that was now deleted, she basically terminated all of her employees. And because she labeled as permanent terminations that means they don’t qualify for immediate relief and they have to go through “normal” channels that make their relief take longer – or not at all becaus said terminations aren’t layoffs. An example of an email sent from a source that wants to remain annoymous, the letter below was emailed to the former staffs:

Just going through some of the comments I was able to get screencaps of replies to the owner’s post before it was pulled down, it seemed the reactions are divided with how the owner of the restaurant mishandled the situation.

Pretty strange for a company like that, especially since the owner is also allegedly in the middle of a lawsuit in regards to firing one of her employees just because she was pregnant.

It really looks like this current crisis is bring the worst out of people. What a time to be alive…

Then in another story of a restaurant closing, the parent company that owns the Logan’s Roadhouse restaurant chain has closed all 261 of its locations and fired nearly all its 18,000-plus furloughed employees.

CraftWorks Holdings, Inc, which also owns Old Chicago restaurants, also had terminated employee benefits, including health insurance, according to an internal memo.

According to Restaurant Business Online, they reported that their benefits ended March 31, with the terminations meaning former employees do not have access to COBRA insurance – or even possible unemployment.

Their former employees were also reportedly told that the restaurants may not reopen – if ever.

Some franchise locations, including Logan’s restaurants in the Carolinas, are supposedly remaining open – however, that may change depending if stricter government edicts force them to also shutter their doors as well.

It’s bad news all around no matter how you spin it.





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