At 73, Alice Cooper is still hitting the gas pedal.
Jenny Risher

Alice Cooper has a long, illustrious history in Phoenix.

He started his band when he was a student at Cortez High School. For decades, he’s been a Valley resident, lending his time, talent, and money to numerous local causes.

But despite his status as one of Phoenix’s favorite sons, the fact remains that Cooper the man was born in 1948 in Detroit, and Alice Cooper the band achieved stardom in the 1970s in that city’s legendary hard rock scene.

“Detroit has always been the outcast city. And Alice Cooper has always been the outcast band,” Cooper says. “The only place we ever felt like we belonged was Detroit.”

Cooper’s original plan was to make a straightforward hard rock album (his 28th, if you count band and solo ventures). The search for the right place to write and record the album led him to Detroit, which also changed the concept.

“It became, ‘Okay, now let’s write songs about the different aspects of Detroit — there’s Motown, there’s blues, there’s hard rock,'” Cooper says.

The talent on the album is also an homage to the city’s musical history.

The album has received generally positive reviews from critics, and fans appreciate it too: it was near the top of the charts in several countries (it reached number 2 on the US Billboard Hard Rock charts) and reached number 1 in Germany.

“At 73, it’s great to have a # 1 album,” says Cooper.




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