By Bryan Ke

Lucky, pictured asleep on the floor, has not been fired by Mr Lomwanawong, as he claims the husky brings him luck

An adorable female husky has gone viral on Thai social media after her owner posted CCTV footage of the dog sleeping as the local police department conducted an “armed robbery” training exercise in his jewelry store last week. 

During the training exercise, a man approached the store counter and pointed a replica automatic handgun at the shop owner.

Worawut Lomwanawong, who owned the shop, waited for the dog named Lucky to spring into life and snarl at the man, who was demanding money at gunpoint. He kept glancing to his side and whispering under his breath to try and rouse the sleepy dog into action.

However, Lucky continued her slumber even when its owner was held at gunpoint and the bag of money was given to the thief.

The jeweller said it was funny because the dog cared more about his sleep than guarding the store.

Despite the failed security simulation, the pet owner said he still loves to have the adorable husky in their store.

Lomwanawong said: ‘I just realized that Lucky has different priorities. She likes to sleep more than to guard our store.




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