By Induced Vertigo

Hugh Jackman Turned Down The Role Of James Bond, Eventually Played By Daniel Craig
Al Pacino Turned Down The Part Of Han Solo In “Star Wars”, Eventually Played By Harrison Ford
Paul Giamatti Declined The Role Of Michael Scott In “The Office”, Steve Carell Got The Part
Sean Connery Said No To Playing Gandalf In “The Lord Of The Rings”, Ian Mckellen Took The Part
John Travolta Turned Down The Role Of Forrest Gump, Eventually Played By Tom Hanks
Jack Nicholson Passed On The Role Of Michael Corleone In “The Godfather”, Eventually Played By Al Pacino
Russell Crowe Turned Down The Role Of Aragorn In “The Lord Of The Rings”, Eventually Played By Viggo Mortensen
Emilia Clarke Turned Down The Role Of Anastasia Steele In “Fifty Shades Of Grey”, Eventually Played By Dakota Johnson
Matthew Mcconaughey Auditioned For The Role Of Jack Dawson In “Titanic”, Eventually Played By Leonardo Dicaprio
Henry Cavill Was The First Pick To Play Edward Cullen In “Twilight”, Robert Pattinson Was Cast For The Role
Gwyneth Paltrow Turned Down The Role Of Rose Dewitt Bukater In “Titanic”, Kate Winslet Got The Part
Robin Williams Wanted To Play Rubeus Hagrid In “Harry Potter” But Was Rejected, Robbie Coltrane Got The Part
Tim Roth Turned Down The Role Of Severus Snape In “Harry Potter”, Eventually Played By Alan Rickman
Tom Cruise Was Considered For The Part Of Iron Man, But Robert Downey, Jr Was Cast
Jim Carrey Was Considered To Play Edward Scissorhands, Johnny Depp Got The Part
Bette Midler Turned Down The Part Of Sister Mary Clarence In “Sister Act”, Eventually Played By Whoopi Goldberg
Emily Blunt Was The First Choice To Play Black Widow, But Scarlett Johansson Got The Part


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