About Raccoon TV

Raccoon TV was founded by T. David Carangan in 2015. With the help of four admins, Amy Basham, Richard A. Racaza, Jeff Ahern and Stephen Cumbey, the Facebook page garnered a considerable following by sharing memes, viral videos and encouraging user engagement with provocative posts about current events and celebrity news. In the final quarter of 2019, in association with the United Social Knowledge Network (established with Jae  O’Well media, an event consulting company, 13 years ago), Raccoon TV hired producer Rene Michelle Aranda and began producing original content at the USKN studio is Los Angeles, California, with the aim to monetize the media group. Today, USKN, it’s news station and affiliates have 3 television channels, 2 news papers and a radio station, reaching 26 million households across the United States.

Jon Joo


T. David Carangan


Rene Michelle Aranda

Liaison Officer / Coordinating Producer

Erik Arellano

Senior Editor

Jer D.

Operating Manager / Booking Agent

Stephen Cumbey

Facebook Page Admin / Creative Contributor

Amy Basham

Facebook Page Admin / Creative Contributor

Terri-Allen Leister

Intern / Junior Editor

Richard Racaza

Facebook Page Admin / Creative Contributor

Youn Lee


Jeff Ahern

acebook Page Admin / Creative Contributer


What We Do

Creative Development

We make what we want.


We get it done.