The Chesterfield Food Bank (CFB) said that it has terminated an employee for using controversial language in a confrontation captured on camera.

By Jordan BondurantOlivia Jaquith

Since the incident, the video has been circulated on social media. It was posted on Facebook on April 22 and picked up dozens of shares.

A white food bank worker has been fired from her job after footage appeared to show telling her black neighbor she is ‘not the right color’. In the footage taken Thursday, she later replied ‘yes you are’ when the neighbor, identified as Laquetta Good, 30, asked if she was the N-word

The video shows only a few seconds of the confrontation, so it’s unclear what prompted it.

On Saturday, 8News spoke with CFB CEO Kim Hill, who posted a response to the video and announced the employee’s termination Friday morning.

“It was a very sad situation,” Hill said. “This young lady has been with us for a couple of years, and she’s grown a lot in her life. She’s really tried to work hard to change. She’s a single mother and she’s worked hard to try to provide for her children.”

Hill said that several people reached out to CFB regarding the video and the involvement of one of its employees.

“She was not acting with the values of what we stand for,” Hill said. “As much as it broke my heart to have to deal with it, the Food Bank was not going to not take care of this and take care of it quickly because we wanted the community to know that we’re moving forward with our standards and our values of what we’re trying to accomplish with our mission.”

Hill said she is hopeful that both of the individuals involved in the confrontation can heal from it.

The clip was shared to Facebook on Friday. It starts with the food bank worker standing on the sidewalk while mom-of-two Laquetta stands on her porch. 
Chesterfield Food Bank said in a statement Friday: ‘In response to this situation, we have terminated this employee’

“We’re just going to continue to move forward with what we know we’re supposed to do,” she said.

“That’s just to be there for people, be there for what they need and be the best example we can be.”




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