Official stated that dozens more could be injured as videos on Mexican television and social media showed the overpass falling onto cars below


An overpass for Mexico City’s metro partially collapsed with train cars on it on Monday night, videos on Mexican television and social media showed.

The site of a bridge collapse and train derailment is seen in Mexico City, Mexico, May 4, 2021. ©  Twitter / @jose_molina95 / screenshot

Newspaper El Universal reported six dead and 80 injured, citing emergency services responding to the scene. By midnight local time, Mexico City emergency authorities spoke of 13 dead and 70 injured.

Preliminary reports said that the elevated rail collapsed when a vehicle struck one of the support pillars at street level. The train broke in two as it plummeted to the ground below.

Multiple injured after metro #Train​ Bridge #Collapses​ in #Mexico​ City Mexico killing crushed stuck

Line 12 is the newest line of the Mexico City metro, inaugurated in 2012. It runs south-southwest of the Mexican capital, which has an estimated population of 9.2 million.

Train Bridge Collapses in Mexico City – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

Mexico City mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said on Twitter she was headed towards the scene of the accident.

One of the videos on Milenio TV shows the overpass collapsing on cars on a road below.

Photos from the site show the train cars hanging above the crumbled supports, as rescue teams try to evacuated any passengers that may have been on board. 

Another video showed emergency medical crews and firefighters at the scene of the accident combing through wreckage looking for survivors.

About two dozen ambulances responded to the scene.




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