The rare catch was filmed by Big John Shark Fishing Adventures, a Florida land-based fishing charter, which shared the footage online.

By Cortney Moore | Fox News

In the video, the group of seven, led by retired professional hockey player John McLean Jr, is seen pulling the huge shark into shore by its tail and fin.

The man then guides the shark out of the shallows before releasing it.

The remarkable catch was made on the shores near Portofino Island last week, according to KLEW, a television station in Lewiston, Idaho.

McLean told the outlet that it took almost 40 minutes to reel the huge shark in, adding that he was able to identify it as a great white based on its eyes and fin. 

Great white sharks are not endangered but are considered vulnerable, so the shark was immediately released, said McLean, who described the beast as ‘the shark of a lifetime’.

Catching a great white shark is rare for shark fishers, particularly in the Panhandle, KLEW reported.

They are found throughout the world but mostly in cool waters close to the coast.

The world’s largest predatory fish, great white sharks usually grow to about 4.6m long, according to National Geographic, though some have been measured at as long as 6m. 

The current population is reportedly unknown, but the species is considered vulnerable.

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