A SHOCKING moment was caught on video as a huge elephant charges at a man who took his toddler daughter inside an enclosure at the San Diego zoo.

By Claudia Dominguez, CNN

According to police, Jose Navarrete, 25, planned to take a selfie with the zoo’s African bull elephant and took his two-year-old daughter with him into the animal’s habitat.

An African bull elephant was captured on video charging at a 25-year-old man and his two-year-old daughter at the San Diego zoo Credit: AFP

The shocking video captured the elephant charging at Navarrete as he runs with his daughter wrapped in his arms.

The father dropped his daughter on the way out, he grabbed her again as they both narrowly escaped being trampled by the mammal.

After Navarrete and his daughter were safely out of the enclosure the elephant let out a big roar.

Witnesses in the video can be heard screaming at out “Watch out!”

The zoo said the elephant was also unharmed.

Witness Lori Ortale told Fox San Diego she heard a woman yelling “Jose, stop” before a man jumped the fence into the elephant enclosure.

“You hear this woman yelling, ‘Jose, stop. Jose, stop, and he jumps the fence and then he goes through the elephant enclosure, and he’s got his little girl with him who, I don’t know, had to be under 2,” Ortale told the outlet.

“We told him to get out and he turned around and he saw it, thankfully, just in time,” witness Jake Ortale said.

Matthew Passiglia told NBC 7 the African elephant noticed Navarrete and the toddler very quickly.

Navarrete was quickly arrested by police and was held on $100,000 bail for investigation of child endangerment Credit: ABC

Navarrete was booked into the San Diego County Jail, according to police. He is charged with child cruelty and is currently being held on $100,000 bail.

CNN was not able to determine if he has legal representation at this time and could not reach him for comment.

He’s scheduled to be arraigned on March 30. After the arrest, his daughter went home with her mother.

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