Read the bizarre apology note left by self-proclaimed ‘Big Bird Bandits’ who stole the $160,000 yellow costume from a circus before sneaking it back in the dead of night

By Mostafa Rachwani

A $160,000 Big Bird costume that was stolen from a circus and held captive for days has been returned by two men ‘wearing dark clothing’ with an apology letter stuffed inside its beak.

The Sesame Street Circus Spectacular was rocked by the brazen robbery of the  popular character from its current performance site at Bonython Park, in Adelaide’s north-west, over the weekend. 

The circus was forced to pull the lovable yellow personality from his regular appearance during show intervals, leaving thousands of fans devastated. 

Police were called to the scene just before 5am and found the outfit dumped by an electricity box in the southwestern end of the circus, with a handwritten note inside its mouth.

Police are continuing to investigate the theft and those responsible could face criminal charges if caught. 

Police found a handwritten note inside the yellow bird’s mouth written by its captors who apologized for the kidnapping

The theft occurred between 4.30pm on Sunday and 9.30am on Monday, leaving a trail of yellow feathers behind along nearby Port Road.

Circus director Keith Brown told ABC Radio Adelaide that a trail of feathers were left by the “bandits”.

A Big Bird costume stolen from a Sesame Street-themed circus and held captive for days has been found dumped on the site (pictured) with a letter stuffed inside its beak

“He’s lost a couple of feathers as he’s gone down the road.”

“We all live on-site, it’s a travelling touring show. It’s the first time Sesame Street has joined the circus – we have to remember this is an international circus show.”

The gigantic costume was flown in from New York to take part in the circus. Authorities confirmed that the bird wasn’t damaged during the ordeal.

The investigation into the theft is ongoing, with police saying they suspect the “Bandits” stole the costume sometime between Sunday afternoon on 18 April and Monday morning on 19 April.




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