By Minyvonne Burke NBC NEWS

A 90-year-old California man frustrated with his slow AT&T internet service took out two newspaper ads totaling $10,000 to tell the company’s CEO that he needs to do a better job of providing his north Hollywood neighborhood with faster speed.

Aaron M. Epstein said he’s been an AT&T customer since 1960 and only started having issues with his internet speed in the last five years when internet streaming became widely available.

He said he was paying for 3.5 Mbps, but it couldn’t handle streaming.

“When I would watch a movie on Netflix or some other streaming service, it was like a slideshow. It would start and stop, start and stop, very frustrating,” he said in a phone interview Friday.

Epstein said he started calling the company to ask for faster service but was told that it wasn’t available in his area.

Epstein said he didn’t want to change to another internet provider because he was concerned about having to change his phone number and email address, so he decided to take out two ads in The Wall Street Journal to vent his frustration.

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