A Donald Trump fan is in big trouble after he was busted for urinating and pooping in the yard of a Democratic neighbor.

By Bob Brigham

Jerry Detrick, 70, was issued a misdemeanor citation for littering on Sunday after he was spotted defecating outside a home in Greenville, Ohio.

The Smoking Gun reports that Matthew Guyette, a neighbor, called 911 after seeing a man squatting and relieving himself near a hedge at Guyette’s home around 3:15am.

Investigators say Guyette confronted the man, later identified as Detrick, a former high school teacher, who simply got up and walked away.

According to a police report, Guyette told the officer who arrived about the defecation after previously telling the police dispatch about the clothes the perpetrator was wearing, as well as what direction he was headed in.

Filed incident report courtesy of The Smoking Gun

Once the officer caught up with the man, he identified himself as Detrick. The officer then put the man in a police cruiser to discuss the incident.

Greenville PD Sergeant Jason Marion also arrived on the scene to talk to Detrick and witnesses a wet spot where Detrick was previously squatting.

After Detrick was released, he stated to the officer that he actually defecated in the same yard ‘multiple times’ in the past, according to the police report.

He claimed that he did so because he was a ‘Trump man’ and the neighbors are Democrats who support Joe Biden.

‘This leads me to believe this incident is politically motivated,’ the officer wrote in the police report.

Detrick was warned not to trespass on Guyette’s property again. He is set to be arraigned on June 8.




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