7-Eleven wants to get in on the growing popularity of fast food drive-thrus. So it’s opening one for its taco restaurant.

By Danielle Wiener-BronnerCNN Business

The convenience store chain said Tuesday that it is opening a Laredo Taco location with a drive-thru in Dallas. Typically, Laredo Taco locations can be found in 7-Eleven stores themselves.

This is the first drive-thru for the taco chain, as well as the first drive-thru at a corporate-owned 7-Eleven store.

Customers can order Slurpees in addition to items from the Laredo Taco menu, which include an assortment of tacos, side dishes and aguas frescas.

7-Eleven is opening a drive-thru

During the pandemic, drive-thrus have emerged as a key way for fast-food restaurants to sell to customers.

Chains that have relied on them for years, like Taco BellMcDonald’s and Burger King, are unveiling innovative new concepts designed to get more customers through faster. Others, like Chipotle and Shake Shack, are rapidly adding drive-thru locations or opening them for the first time.

“Customers looking for socially distanced ways to grab breakfast, lunch and dinner will really appreciate [the drive-thru] now,” said Chris Tanco, 7-Eleven’s chief operating officer, in a statement.

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