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These Frenchies are ready for a fresh start!

According to Los Angeles dog rescue Wagmor Pets, 29 French bulldogs — including some French bulldog mixes — saved from meat markets in China are now in the United States looking for forever families.

Wagmor Pets first heard about the pooches in early March, when San Francisco-based Wonder Dog Rescue reached out asking for help transporting the needy Frenchies. Wonder Dog told Wagmor Pets that the French bulldogs belonged to dog breeders and then were sold to meat markets when their owners no longer deemed the canines valuable.

When Wagmor Pets entered the Frenchies’ story, the dogs had already been pulled from the meat markets and put into safe houses until they could fly to the United States, but several hurdles remained in the dog’s way before the trip.

First, the expenses for the lengthy international journey needed to be covered. Each dog’s trip cost over $1,000, making the total sum needed to save all the pets close to $30,000. Wagmor Pets banded with Wonder Dog Rescue, Pug NationChurch of PugTiny Paws Pug Rescue to fundraise for the dogs. The animal lover community responded, donating enough to cover the Frenchies’ flights.

The French Bulldogs made the long plane journey from China to the United States this month, landing in Washington. Animal rescuer Elaine Lam picked up the pups from the airport, and she and the Spokanimal Rescue are caring for the pets until they are ready for the last leg of their journey: flying to Los Angeles to find forever homes. While in Washington, the canines are getting vet checks, baths, and plenty of love.

On May 7, 17 of the French bulldogs made the trip to L.A. and landed at Van Nuys airport, where Wagmor Pet volunteers greeted them. As soon as they arrived, the dogs were taken out of their cages, fed, and giving hours to play and cuddle as a way to celebrate the bright future ahead of them.

The 17 Frenchies are currently residing at Wagmor Pets, enjoying life as they wait to meet their perfect pet parent matches. Wagmor Pets is confident that all of these dogs, along with the 12 other French bulldogs arriving in the days ahead, will easily find forever homes in the next two weeks. Adoption applications are already pouring in for the pooches.

“Frenchies are an expensive breed to have. These dogs need and deserve to be treated very delicately. From food to bedding, to temperature,” Melissa Bacelar, the founder of Wagmor Pets, tells PEOPLE. “The thought of them sitting in cages dying was simply too much for me not to help.”

After a life spent in cages, these dogs are ready to bask in the TLC a loving family has to offer. To learn more about these adoptable dogs and Wagmor Pets, visit the rescue’s website.




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