By Rebecca Flood

A teenager has revealed that she accidentally moved into a retirement community, but it turns out that she enjoys living among senior citizens. 

Whoops! Madison Kohout, 19, from Norman, Oklahoma, revealed on TikTok that she accidentally moved into a retirement community when she relocated the Arkansas

Madison Kohout, 19, from Norman, Oklahoma, recounted her comical mistake on TikTok, explaining that she relocated to a small town in Arkansas last month and signed a lease without viewing the property.  

In the now-viral video, she is excitedly looking at the apartment listing on her laptop. The footage then cuts to her standing in front of a ‘Senior Citizen Apartments’ sign at the complex, hanging her head in embarrassment. 


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Madison, who goes by Madi Ann, stunned TikTok users with her incredible story, which she has compared to something out of a Hallmark movie. 

The video has been viewed more than 3.4 million times and received thousands of comments from people who were everything from envious to confused.  

‘This could be a sitcom,’ one person wrote, while another added: ‘I may be boring as hell but this is my dream.’ 


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‘Honestly this is the move,’ someone else agreed. ‘No loud neighbors. Plus they’ll probably make you tons of food.’

While speaking with Newsweek, Madi admitted that it took her a bit of time to realize that she was by far the youngest person in the community.  

‘The first week of moving here was crazy! I was busy with finding a job and setting up my apartment, I didn’t even notice!’ she said.  

‘I thought it was a bit weird that all of my neighbors were significantly older than me. After my first week I saw a sign in front of the apartments, and it had clicked!’

Madi, who works as a nursing assistant, explained in a follow-up video that it was actually her mom, Gigi, who tipped her off about the spacious two-bedroom apartment that costs just $350 per month.  

The teen explained that the residence is considered equal opportunity housing, which means it does not discriminate by age.




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